Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Wednesday Stats Get Interesting


9000 Minutes

As you can see, the stats get put up at a weird rate, and as I said, aren't final for a couple of days.

A few things to note--technically these are yesterday's stats. Wait until you see today's actual stats. Something weird's going on--not sure what it is--but I like it.

And GOH doesn't seem to be moving up any list--it's still 310 AND 311. Yes, for some reason, it's showing up as a double on the list. It's not the only movie, so apparently there's some glitch in the system right now.

Also--remember when I put GOH up, there were 880 horror flicks on there? Now there's 904. That number's only going to increase. So more than ever, remember how important I said your one-sheet was in that web post way back? It's never been MORE important.

In case you never read it, here it is:

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