Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Garden of Hedon Update - #21 and hopefully climbing...

Look at that--it seems only fitting that I'm now on the same screen with Chance Shirley's Hide and Creep, since he's the one that got me to commit to putting GOH up there.

We're now 305 on the Popular Movies List, out of about 9900 movies.

And more importantly...brace yourself...

Can you see that? Over a quarter MILLION minutes streamed now. In only about 2 weeks time.

I'm pretty stoked about this.


  1. I remember when you pressed the DVD for GOH I ordered a copy. Doesn't surprise me that you'd be in the top 20 or even the top 10. I was stumbling through NoFilmsSchool regarding theaters runs using Tubbs, I know the need for a DCP. Yet if your films are getting up the ranks that fast, it might be a way to spread by word of mouth and help with the sales and promotion not to mention seeing your film projected on a screen. Just as a thought, but I'm not a filmmaker nor do I have even a short film under my belt.

  2. I mean Theatrical release for your next feature length project using Tubbs, not for anything that is currently VOD. Sorry hit return and it published for some odd reason.

  3. I'm not familiar with Tubbs--but honestly this whole thing has me thinking very hard about premiering Terrortory(my new flick) on Amazon Prime. Maybe if I can find the right contact I can see if Amazon wants to help promote the fact that I'll be exclusively premiering a feature film on Prime...

  4. See if Amazon will, your film consistency merits an interest from them. I only thought of Tugg, so you can see your work on the big screen, there is expense I know. Still here is the nfo.

    The article is here: http://nofilmschool.com/2016/06/tugg-self-distribution-brave-new-wild