Tuesday, July 26, 2016

One Million Minute Club

We hit it at the 19 day mark.

We also got banned in Japan. I'm a little worried it's going to impact our stats, not because of Japan, but because all of a sudden we've disappeared from Amazon's online lists. Like, if you search my name or "Garden of Hedon" you'll see the Blu Ray.

It will say there's two movies under Amazon Prime, but if you click there you'll only see Bounty.

I sent them an email asking what's the deal. Hopefully they'll straighten it out because now that we're top 10, I'm dreaming we can be top 5...

We're at 133 on the Popular list. If we break top 100 there that's pretty big.


  1. Banned in Japan? Catching though... "See the Movie too terrifying for Japan, so much so they banned the film."

    It's still listed on Prime.

  2. It's listed on Prime where? If I go do a random search for Garden of Hedon on my computer it only shows the Blu Ray. I still have the direct link to the Add To Watchlist, but I'm not sure how anyone else finds it. Can you do a search for Garden of Hedon and see if it shows you the Amazon Prime version? Thanks!

  3. Did you clear your cache?

    Shows prime to me.


  4. Yes, my cache has been cleared--and that's the direct page, which has never disappeared. Go here and tell me what you see:

    It used to have GOH with the Add to Watchlist(in that list of my stuff), but now it's way down in the middle with only the Blu Ray available. When I click See All Formats, it only shows me the Blu. How 'bout you?

  5. It only lists the Blu Ray, oh I see what you mean were as Bounty lists itself as Prime Video, there is no indication that you can view this movie as Amazon Video. Has Amazon gotten back to you regarding the matter?

  6. Nope, 3 days and nothing. I know they had some major Prime issues(it was down for quite some time Friday night, and now the dashboard says they're having trouble updating, check back later), so maybe bad shit is happening from the unexpected traffic. Thanks for checking!