Friday, July 15, 2016

Stats Problem

You may wonder why I haven't posted anything today. Well, stats have frozen for the past two days on the dashboard.

I emailed Amazon who told me this:
We recently discovered a technical error that is delaying reporting on your Amazon Video Direct dashboard. We’re working on correcting the error, and it will not affect your payments. I apologize for the inconvenience this has caused.

 So, will be interesting when it comes back on. Because we've moved into the top 100(#92 to be exact) on Amazon Prime's movie list.

Top 50, here we come(hopefully).

But I talked to my buddy who said he's totally cool putting his name and movie here. So you can go check it out--he's Chance Shirley and the flick is Hide And Creep. It's easy to find, it's always in the top 20 movies on Amazon Prime horror now!

You can follow him on Twitter at this handle: @crewless

Go give him a view, and he'll probably keep us updated on his flick's progress! 

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