Thursday, July 14, 2016

Thursday Stats

Yeah, now we're getting somewhere.

When I first checked in the afternoon it said 19,000 or so. But you gotta see that it's not like we did 12K views in one day--a lot of this is through the revising of previous days. To see what I mean, here's the 19K chart and the 9K chart put together.

As you can see, some of those numbers have been added to quite substantially.

Our ranking on the Xbox One Amazon app was at 310 yesterday at first check, now we're at 190. Promising. Just have to keep going up.

We were on Amazon's Horror movies at page 35 yesterday. Today we're at 21. So moving up there too.

I have tried something interesting to get people to check out the movie, and I'm not sure whether it's working or not. It involves this web page I put together in about five minutes:

If it seems like something that helped I'll throw what I did out here at some point. (no, it wasn't just me creating a ghetto page in notepad)

Google let me know that this web site mentioned Garden of Hedon:

That might help our UK numbers. Not exactly sure if something like that exists for the US--I know there are Netflix lists like this, so it would make sense for someone to do it. Just not aware of it yet if it's a thing.

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