Monday, August 29, 2016

The News Is Spreading

So here's our official poster for Terrortory. We let Dread Central premiere it--they've always helped us out on spreading the news, just like HorrorTalk, so it's nice to give them exclusives when you can.

They put out this yesterday:

I spent the weekend making a quick ticket selling site--did it in Notepad, so it's super basic, and for some reason doesn't load well on phones. Shocking.

But you can buy through Paypal, or use any credit card through SquareUp.

On the Amazon front, don't freak out if you see the IMG REMOVED on all my other posts. It appears they don't want a lot of this information out there--there's even a ND in the contract, so I took all of them down. I'll still pass on as much info as I can, but no more screen shots.

We passed 2.5 million minutes yesterday.

Oddly, Hunting Humans is doing twice as much streaming in the UK as the U.S., which no other movie of mine did. It's a little weird. I mean, the UK makes up maybe 10% of my other streaming totals...

Only thing I can think is that we DID get a UK dvd release. It looked like this:

Maybe it's got a big following over there. I should look into doing a signing or something, maybe I've got a cult following in the land of Jack the Ripper.

Maybe not.

Anyway, lot to do before the premiere.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Bounty Joins The Million Club

Super excited that we now have two individual movies with a million minutes each. Will Hunting Humans follow suit? Only time will tell!

I'm pretty certain Terrortory will do it--a brand new, never before seen movie should get a lot of views.

So hey, keep this page bookmarked so you can check out everything. As Horrortalk remarked, Fear of Clowns 2 will be on there by September 1st!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016


So the news is out today--we're going to premiere Terrortory on Amazon Prime for free from October 1st-October 31st.

I mentioned doing something like this the second Amazon Prime became a viable option for distribution. After looking into it I decided, hey, let's be all in.

See, the thing is, we're at a point where a distributor will give you maybe a $5K or a $10K(if you're VERY lucky) advance plus some back-end that'll end up probably being nothing. They'll expense you to death so the advance is all you'll ever see.

And the thing is, you're liable to make that on Amazon within a year if your movie is popular at all. I mean, GOH has made about $3K in a month in a half. And that's a movie that's been out for over five years.

World premiering a movie? Especially if I can get the word out there, and I will be doing a lot of work on that end to do so. Step one is, have a new trailer that people will share to get the word out. Here's that:

After it's available for free for a month we can either continue to offer it for free, or move it to the pay-to-stream option. Because once it's popular, it will show up in more lists and therefore have more eyes taking a look at it.

I have noticed that even though most of my movies are free on Amazon Prime right now, we've actually gotten a few more sales than normal. I had heard of this phenomenon, but never witnessed it before.

And none of this stops us from actually getting a distributor. There's always a clause in the contracts that says you haven't "exploited" your title at all, and as long as I explain to them what we've done and get that clause taken out, it's not a problem.

Will it make them more hesitant because we've put it out for a month, or more eager when they see the kind of numbers we pulled during that time? Either way, I'm fine with it.

It really is a pretty exciting time for filmmakers. Wish Netflix would do something like this, and we could say goodbye to distributors entirely...

We plan on having a local premiere, which I'm trying to put together now. It's a pain in the ass, but one of the big joys in making a movie is seeing it up on the big screen, and hanging out with cast/crew again.

More news coming, so keep an eye out! We're talking about whether to do a physical release(dvd and/or blu ray)...I do love my media, but that would mean I'd have to do interviews and whatnot to make a Making Of, and that's a LOT of work...

We'll see.

Saturday, August 13, 2016


Big news! We just hit TWO MILLION minutes streamed. It's counting Bounty and GOH in that, and it took us about 43 days to do it.

It's not all rosey--the numbers are definitely starting to stabilize. GOH has fallen quite a bit since they stuck us in mature(averaging now about 8K minutes a day).

Bounty's still getting between 25K and 40K a day, but I just started getting Tom to start promoting it.

And "Hunting Humans" is now available. We'll see how that does.

Right now, check this out:
Both GOH and Bounty are in the top 30 in horror, right next to each other. They're also right next to each other in mystery, in the top 100.

Got some BIG news coming up shortly, so check back on Monday or Tuesday...

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Update Plus Handy Link To Shot List Template

Bounty's up to #13 in the Doc category. It's hovering around #29 in Horror and it's up to #91 in the top 100 Mystery/Thriller.

The dashboard stats have been really behind lately. There's even a warning saying they're behind and to check back later. But I think I'll have some big news shortly.

Anyway, if you're a filmmaker this is a pretty cool FREE template for making shot lists. I'll probably use it on my next flick, if there's a next flick. :)

Saturday, August 6, 2016

The Rankings

I've been keeping all of this data in order to figure out how things work. To see what's working and what's not. Here's some of the stat rankings:

GARDEN OF HEDON(Highest ranks)
7-28-2016 #8 in Horror, #42 in Mystery and #129 in Popular(out of 9,300 movies)

That was our high day, and also--not coincidentally--when they put us under the Mature category.

It's hard to fight--not like we're paying THEM to show our movies, and their terms of service do say they reserve the right to make those sorts of judgement calls. Some other horror filmmakers I've talked to have also had their stuff pushed there, so it's not like they're singling me out.

BOUNTY(Highest ranks)
8-6-2016 #30 in Horror, #97 in Mystery, #17 in Documentary, #328 in Popular

This one's still rising, so fingers crossed in pushes into the top 20 in horror. Would also be amazing to break into the top 100 in Popular, something GOH never got the chance to do.

Friday, August 5, 2016

The Amazon Doings

Been busy trying to find a composer for Terrortory, now that my composer had to drop out due to his other obligations. Have talked to seven other people, all of whom are too busy to work this into their schedule.

It's getting to the point I'm just going to hum the score.

Anyway, getting put on the Adult and Mature list has KILLED our numbers. We went from over 120,000 minutes a day to under 15K in the span of two days.

Went back and forth with Amazon, and they won't back off or give me details. At first they said there was adult content in our video. I then informed them that's bullshit, that there's no sex and under 20 seconds of nudity.

Then they waffled and sorta implied it's our key art. They won't say what it is, only that they reserve the right to put mature videos in that category.

On the other side, Bounty continues to rise. And look, we're now #21 in Documentary.

Makes me smile. I hope that's how everybody's watching it, like it's real.

Anyway, Bounty's #32 in horror and #104 in mystery.

GOH is still #11 in horror(#8 was our highest ranking) and #57 in mystery, which is odd but I guess the lists update slower than the data.

Here's hoping Bounty will make it to the top 10 like GOH...