Monday, August 29, 2016

The News Is Spreading

So here's our official poster for Terrortory. We let Dread Central premiere it--they've always helped us out on spreading the news, just like HorrorTalk, so it's nice to give them exclusives when you can.

They put out this yesterday:

I spent the weekend making a quick ticket selling site--did it in Notepad, so it's super basic, and for some reason doesn't load well on phones. Shocking.

But you can buy through Paypal, or use any credit card through SquareUp.

On the Amazon front, don't freak out if you see the IMG REMOVED on all my other posts. It appears they don't want a lot of this information out there--there's even a ND in the contract, so I took all of them down. I'll still pass on as much info as I can, but no more screen shots.

We passed 2.5 million minutes yesterday.

Oddly, Hunting Humans is doing twice as much streaming in the UK as the U.S., which no other movie of mine did. It's a little weird. I mean, the UK makes up maybe 10% of my other streaming totals...

Only thing I can think is that we DID get a UK dvd release. It looked like this:

Maybe it's got a big following over there. I should look into doing a signing or something, maybe I've got a cult following in the land of Jack the Ripper.

Maybe not.

Anyway, lot to do before the premiere.

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