Wednesday, August 17, 2016


So the news is out today--we're going to premiere Terrortory on Amazon Prime for free from October 1st-October 31st.

I mentioned doing something like this the second Amazon Prime became a viable option for distribution. After looking into it I decided, hey, let's be all in.

See, the thing is, we're at a point where a distributor will give you maybe a $5K or a $10K(if you're VERY lucky) advance plus some back-end that'll end up probably being nothing. They'll expense you to death so the advance is all you'll ever see.

And the thing is, you're liable to make that on Amazon within a year if your movie is popular at all. I mean, GOH has made about $3K in a month in a half. And that's a movie that's been out for over five years.

World premiering a movie? Especially if I can get the word out there, and I will be doing a lot of work on that end to do so. Step one is, have a new trailer that people will share to get the word out. Here's that:

After it's available for free for a month we can either continue to offer it for free, or move it to the pay-to-stream option. Because once it's popular, it will show up in more lists and therefore have more eyes taking a look at it.

I have noticed that even though most of my movies are free on Amazon Prime right now, we've actually gotten a few more sales than normal. I had heard of this phenomenon, but never witnessed it before.

And none of this stops us from actually getting a distributor. There's always a clause in the contracts that says you haven't "exploited" your title at all, and as long as I explain to them what we've done and get that clause taken out, it's not a problem.

Will it make them more hesitant because we've put it out for a month, or more eager when they see the kind of numbers we pulled during that time? Either way, I'm fine with it.

It really is a pretty exciting time for filmmakers. Wish Netflix would do something like this, and we could say goodbye to distributors entirely...

We plan on having a local premiere, which I'm trying to put together now. It's a pain in the ass, but one of the big joys in making a movie is seeing it up on the big screen, and hanging out with cast/crew again.

More news coming, so keep an eye out! We're talking about whether to do a physical release(dvd and/or blu ray)...I do love my media, but that would mean I'd have to do interviews and whatnot to make a Making Of, and that's a LOT of work...

We'll see.

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