Saturday, August 13, 2016


Big news! We just hit TWO MILLION minutes streamed. It's counting Bounty and GOH in that, and it took us about 43 days to do it.

It's not all rosey--the numbers are definitely starting to stabilize. GOH has fallen quite a bit since they stuck us in mature(averaging now about 8K minutes a day).

Bounty's still getting between 25K and 40K a day, but I just started getting Tom to start promoting it.

And "Hunting Humans" is now available. We'll see how that does.

Right now, check this out:
Both GOH and Bounty are in the top 30 in horror, right next to each other. They're also right next to each other in mystery, in the top 100.

Got some BIG news coming up shortly, so check back on Monday or Tuesday...

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