Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Kinonation Update #3

A picture from "Bounty", the flick we've uploaded to Kino

I know, you're like...#3? Yeah, with all these different blogs it's hard to keep straight where I'm posting them. So you can see the last post here:


Now there's some good news--I had basically given up on the freaking SRT file because it's insane how tedious it is. Then I lucked into this web site:


They will create a subtitle file in English for $1 per minute. Yes, that's right, I could have saved myself a lot of time all for the cost of about $80(since the movie, not counting final credits, is about 80 minutes)

I went ahead and paid it and they delivered within 48 hours. The SRT wasn't perfect, but most of that was because the audio at times is hard to understand. So I went through and corrected it, which took about an hour but was no big deal.

I HIGHLY recommend them. No, I don't get paid to recommend them.

So I uploaded all the files and the site told me I had uploaded "28 out of 28 items". I waited. Nothing. Eventually I emailed them to find out what happens next.

Turns out I hadn't uploaded a trailer. I'm not sure why it didn't tell me that, since it said I had done everything I needed to. Uploading the trailer is on a separate page in the whole thing.

So I can see why the site is still in Beta. But they DID get back to me right away every time I emailed them. There was an issue with the trailer, which I fixed and uploaded.

It only indicates you can upload one trailer, which seems strange. Most films have multiple teasers/trailers. I've asked about it.

Now I think I'm done. I guess I wait and see if they can place it anywhere. Will let you know how that goes when I hear.

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