Tuesday, October 9, 2018

The ONLY place to legally watch Terrortory 2 is on Amazon Prime. PERIOD.

Okay, just to make this clear as some people have hit us up with messages like "I saw it was on (fill in the blank)--watched it on there. Congrats!"

Well, you may not have known it, but you just stole the movie from us. There is NO other legal place to watch our movie other than Amazon. Yes, that app on your TV that makes it look like you can freely stream movies including ones STILL in the theater? That's illegal. There's a reason it's being sued.

The pirates have been out in full force, pirating our movie all over, and anyone who says this doesn't hurt our bottom line is an idiot. (one site had already streamed it over 3000 times before I got them to take it down)

Anyway, the film is doing pretty well, but not as well as I would have hoped. We don't have that many reviews, which is one of the major indicators for Amazon on how well your movie is engaging viewers.

If you've seen Terrortory 2 and haven't reviewed it, how about go do that? It helps us out in a HUGE way. Hell, even negative reviews help us move up the charts. (so yes, negative reviews are actually better than no reviews)

We got as high as 40 on the top Amazon horror films, out of at least 4000 so that's cool. But we've been stuck in the top 100, not going any higher at the moment. The first film got as high as number six, I believe, on the chart, so I'm hoping we start rising again.

Spread the word, especially if you're in the cast/crew. One thing I'm noticing--and I noticed it on the first also--is that actors appear to be clueless about spreading the word.

They'll spread headshots or youtube videos they're in where they're doing something pedantic, but a movie they're in? No mention. It's rather infuriating, honestly. You're in a feature film that anyone can now see--and in some cases you're on the actual movie poster--and you're not interested in spreading the word?

Then they ask for footage for their reel...well, you can imagine I'm not in a hurry to do them any favors at that point.

And the chance I'll work with them again is zero point zero.

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Two Days Into The Release of Terrortory 2

Let's see what's going on.

You can see a clip from the movie plus an exclusive pic here:

You can see the final trailer plus an exclusive pic here:
(and expect Dread to premiere an exclusive clip also)

More news and exclusive pics here:

Pics from the premiere of Terrortory 2 here:

You can see a review of the movie here(but don't read it if you haven't seen the movie first):

A bunch of stuff here, including pics:

More exclusive pics!

You can get the Terrortory SOUNDTRACK from Terence Jones here:

More as I spot 'em.


I just saw that we're ALREADY in the top 40 horror movies streaming on Amazon. I had looked earlier in the day and we weren't even top 500. (that's when I stopped scrolling)

That's WAY better than the first Terrortory. I just took a look back on the first one's numbers, and we'd done about 7000 minutes on day 1 and around 10,000 on day 2. We should destroy those numbers, I'm guessing.

But we gotta keep pushing, because as I've said to friends--if we don't hit the Amazon bonus, we're going to lose money. Even if we hit the bonus we might lose money depending on how much it is.

So I'm going to keep pushing it. I was going to run a contest to give out shit to anyone who reviewed the flick, but it appears Amazon frowns on that BIG TIME. I'm not sure why--I'm don't get why incentivizing reviews is a big deal.

People are, in general, lazy. I'm counting myself in there. But people are not in most cases inclined to leave reviews. So why is it bad to try to give them a little extra push to leave a review? I wouldn't even be saying it had to be a positive review. ANY review would be entered into a drawing for some props from the movie.

I'll keep thinking it over.

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Terrortory 2 NOW STREAMING FOR FREE on Amazon Prime!

It's been a while, I know. The struggle to get this film complete, and then premiere it...along with all the other things in life taking up time means the blog gets pushed to the back.

But the day has finally arrived. You can go here to add the movie to your watchlist and then view it!

If you watch it, can you do us a HUGE favor and leave a short review for it? Amazon uses the volume of reviews to gauge interest, and it increases our visibility on the site.

I hope you enjoy it, because in the end we do this in the hopes that people will enjoy it. Personally I've had some great times watching movies--they took me out of my misery a few times, giving me two hours or so of relief from whatever was bothering me. They transported me to a place I never would have been without them, to things I could never have imagined.

I'm just trying to give the same experience to others.

Thanks for checking it out.


Wednesday, August 8, 2018

The final trailer for Terrortory 2

The final trailer just dropped for Terrortory 2, and you can see it here:

I'm pretty happy with it. I'd actually tried a variation of that cricket-rhythm piece in the first movie's trailer, but never got it working right. Something here about lulling the viewer into the same rhythmic shots as the crickets get louder and with more reverb, and smashing that shot of the Midnight Clown screaming...it just worked.

A lot of editing is just trying new things to see what works and what doesn't.

As far as the movie...I'm starting to sweat BIG TIME. If I had all of the music done and ready to lay in, there would be a TON to do. But I don't have all the music yet.

It's coming in, but man, am I feeling the time crunch.


After the premiere, my plans go into fifth gear. I'll have one more poster(I think), and will be sending out stills to as many web sites as want to help promote the movie. I'll send three clips from the movie to some of the bigger web sites.

I should have a table at the local con in Hunt Valley, like I usually do.

I'm just hoping all the work I have to do won't interfere with Halloween--I hate missing out on all the fun because I'm too busy.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Terrortory 2 -- ALMOST HERE -- The Premiere And Stuff

So above I have two screencaps from the "Pumpkin Trail" segment in the film. It's the first full segment that was finished, score and all. You can hear a piece from the score at our Facebook page at this link:

It's by Bob Battle, a super talented composer who did three segments in the first Terrortory: Siren, The Prowler and The Drone Collector. He'll be doing three segments in this one also, but I won't spoil anything with details.

On that page above you can also hear some of the orchestral score for the main sequence of the film. Terence Jones, who did the main sequence on the first Terrortory. He's doing the main sequence plus one other sequence. He's got some amazing stuff in what he's given me so far--the main title sequence and lead out are great, and there's a scene at a campfire that gets better the more I listen to it(and it was pretty great when I first heard it).

All this means that I'm confident enough that I'll have this thing finished in the next couple of weeks so I can premiere it August 30th at the Landmark in Baltimore. We premiered Garden of Hedon there, and it's a nice area with a great bar across the street for the afterparty.

There's some things we're still working on--the very end of the film has...a pretty challenging digital effect that I've been working on for literally six months. I can't get it perfect, and probably won't ever. I need ILM level to get the shot I want, and I'm not ILM. Hell, I'm not even the guys on Sharknado.

So I'll keep working. My brother is working on another digital effect in Cinema 4D that we're hoping will be a cool capper on one story--it's not something that was in the script, but I thought it would be a cool addition to the story.

Anyway, I know it's been a long time since I posted here. Things have been hectic.

When I have details on how to get tickets I'll post them here and on Facebook. Also, have you seen the teaser?


Cuz I have the trailer done, but I'm not gonna post it until that gets to 1000 views. That's not so much, right? Share share share, right?

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Terrortory 2 Update, Plus Stuff

I know, been a while, right? It's almost like I've been busy. So here's a couple of bts pics from Terrortory 2.

Josh and Alex in the "Mad Gathering" segment. People should pay attention to this segment, because there's more than meets the eye here.

Two funny things about this shot: One, how fat I am here. Clearly I was putting on the weight, and I'm now down 20 pounds from there. Second, we barely used my steadicam rig at all--it's very time consuming when you want to change a lens, because it throws off the balance on the rig and you have to reset the whole thing. We don't have that kind of time on these shoots.

A little spoiler alert here--yes, the Midnight Clown AND Smiling Jack--together in one segment. The pic above shows you how much post-work goes into making Jack's head look hollow. I did a quick pass on the pic just to show you sort of what I have to do to EVERY FRAME of the movie that Jack is in. (remove the eye holes(on both side of the pumpkin "nose") and hollow out the head.

Anyway, the big stop on Terrortory 2 right now is the weather. We have one segment left to shoot, but because it features an actress being completely naked outside, covered in blood at night...well, under 50 degree weather isn't going to work.

I keep looking at every weekend of April, and have to keep pushing it. And every time I push it, I lose an actor or a crew member who can't work on a weekend. It's pretty frustrating.

This segment has been cursed. I've NEVER encountered as many problems on ANY shoot I've ever done like I have on this segment.

But I am nothing if not stubborn. We've got some great actors who are all committed to the new dates, so weather-permitting, we're shooting it soon. Hell, even if the weather doesn't cooperate, I may shoot it anyway at this point.


I've started getting music from Terry, the composer to the main storyline. He'll also do the Mad Gathering segment, but so far he's sent about the first 8 minutes of music and it's great. It's very nice to not have to micromanage everything, and he seems to have a great grasp on what I was looking for.

One of the highlights of making a movie is when you get music to lay over your film. It never quite FEELS like a movie until the music starts going on. All of a sudden things start clicking, and a lot of the second-guessing of myself goes away.

I also talked to Ben, the other composer who will do more synth-based scores for the other segments. He's excited to start working. I sent him the Pumpkin Trail, and I'm as equally excited to hear some new stuff from him.

Lastly, I secured the end-credit song. Contract signed, money paid. The group is insanely talented, and I love a number of their songs so I was psyched when they said yes to me. (but I stayed silent until the contract was signed) More on them after the movie comes out.


On the Amazon front, their new pay schedule started, but here's the rub: They are showing NO earnings estimates on any of the Prime movies now. They haven't since March 1st. I just this week finally sent them a message to find out what's up, when are they going to start showing what we're making, and this was their reply:

Thank you for contacting Prime Video Direct. I understand you would like more information on when Prime royalties will begin displaying in the Earnings Report again. Your Earnings report will display Prime royalties again in June (or sooner). 

I'm sorry for the inconvenience this has caused. In the meantime, exporting the Performance Metrics report will allow you to calculate the earnings for March, April and May's Prime streaming events. We issue payments approximately 90 days after the end of the month in which the revenue event occurred. 

This means that earnings for March will be paid in June. By the time the payment is issued, the Earnings report will display Prime earnings so that you can reconcile your payments properly. 

For more details regarding Royalties and Reports, check our Help pages: - Royalties: https://videocentral.amazon.com/home/help?topicId=202037410 - Reports: https://videocentral.amazon.com/home/help?topicId=G201973680 If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us back.

So technically you can figure out what they owe you by adding up all your minutes, dividing by 60, and then multiplying by .06

But it's not as easy as they make it seem. The spreadsheet they send you every month is organized for the bi-polar. For me, there's 7 movies, there's a different line for each country for each movie(so you can see what you earned in pounds, in yen, etc), then a different line for the movie if someone PAID for it rather than just stream it for free.

It's all just thrown in randomly. Like, if all of Garden of Hedon's were together you might be able to figure it out, but it's like--screw it, I'll show you.

Obviously I blurred some numbers. But this should give you an idea.

I did look into Distribber and a couple of other options, but I'm not sure it's worth the amount of work and money I'd have to dump into it to get it all moving, and I'd DEFINITELY not be able to put the movie on Amazon in October if I did it. (I'd have to let it run through a lot of the other options before putting it on there).

So I think we're just going to do it the same way as the first and see what happens. We got a LOT of views on the first Terrortory, so I've gotta hope we can do at least that again. My entire month of September and October is going to be spent promoting the film.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Amazon Video New Payment Plan: It's Worse Than You Thought

If you didn't read my post when I first heard the news, go read that first:

For some reason I had it in my mind that if your video reached the insane 5,000,000 hours streamed to get back to the $.15/hour payscale, that would mean Amazon would pay you $.15/hour for ALL 5,000,000 hours.

It appears that it's not that way. That they will pay you the lesser rates up until 5,000,000 and then start paying you the $.15/hour for any time after that many.

It's insane.

But it gets worse...

They're also going to RESET YOUR STATS every January 1st. So if you thought that hey, maybe you'll get to the next pay tier later--say, September...then you're only getting the better pay for 3 months before your stats go back to zero.

It's crazy. It really feels like Amazon was getting too many submissions and this is their attempt to slow down the submissions.

As if that'll work...I mean, Youtube is free and millions of people put their shit up on there.


On how our flicks are doing...the past two months were the strongest since last January. Mostly on the back of Garden of Hedon and the Making Of . The Making Of Bounty has certainly seen an uptick which correlated with Bounty's views going up too, but nowhere near what GOH is.

Shame to watch that money get cut by 60% from now on, but I guess it's because Amazon needs to pay all those taxes they payed last year.