Saturday, November 28, 2015

Old Enchanted Forest Pictures(Maryland) from Fear of Clowns Location Scout

I'm sure some of you who have seen Fear of Clowns remember the scene in the Enchanted Forest where Shivers watches Jacky, but he hasn't been given the all-clear to kill her yet so he hangs back.

The story that Tuck(Rick Ganz) tells about the Enchanted Forest is my story. My parents took me there when I was very young, probably about six years old. I only vaguely remember it, but I distinctly remember being terrified of the whole thing.

Particularly that whale. Someone was in its mouth I think, and I thought it would eat me next.

Anyway, back in 2000-2001 when I was writing the script for FOC I wasn't sure what was even there. I had heard that there were pieces of the Forest still there, but how much? Was it still creepy?

So Rick and I went out there. We found a hole in the fence--it's the same hole we actually show them going into in the movie--and ventured inside.

I was pretty excited to find quite a few of the exhibits were still there. I recently found some actual photos, you remember, on paper from 35mm negatives. Figured I'd scan them for people to see.

So here you go!

One final addendum I found as I was searching my hard drive for some video we shot there--didn't find them, but found this:

We had no permission to shoot there. I was worried the cops would be called because of the crew and equipment, so I looked up who owned the property. I typed up a permission letter and faxed it to myself so it looked like it was faxed. Then we shot on a Sunday, so I figured even if they tried to call the number on the paper there would be nobody there.

I'm not telling you to do illegal stuff like this if you have to; I'm just saying, I did it all the time. Whatever it took.

I removed the names of the company and the guy, but this is what the letter said:

Marauder Productions has been granted access to the grounds known as “Enchanted Forest” between September 26th and October 7th. The physical location is on Route 40 West behind the “Enchanted Forest” Shopping Center.
The previous permission is granted to Marauder Productions on the following:

  •  Marauder Productions is shooting a video to be used in a classroom setting.
  •  Marauder Productions will not bring more than six(6) persons on the property, and they will not remove or damage any of the existing property. They may take equipment in as long as all equipment is removed when they vacate.
  •  Marauder Productions indemnifies MART from any harm or loss suffered while on the property.
If there are any questions regarding this document or Marauder Productions use of the property, please call me at the number below.