Friday, August 5, 2016

The Amazon Doings

Been busy trying to find a composer for Terrortory, now that my composer had to drop out due to his other obligations. Have talked to seven other people, all of whom are too busy to work this into their schedule.

It's getting to the point I'm just going to hum the score.

Anyway, getting put on the Adult and Mature list has KILLED our numbers. We went from over 120,000 minutes a day to under 15K in the span of two days.

Went back and forth with Amazon, and they won't back off or give me details. At first they said there was adult content in our video. I then informed them that's bullshit, that there's no sex and under 20 seconds of nudity.

Then they waffled and sorta implied it's our key art. They won't say what it is, only that they reserve the right to put mature videos in that category.

On the other side, Bounty continues to rise. And look, we're now #21 in Documentary.

Makes me smile. I hope that's how everybody's watching it, like it's real.

Anyway, Bounty's #32 in horror and #104 in mystery.

GOH is still #11 in horror(#8 was our highest ranking) and #57 in mystery, which is odd but I guess the lists update slower than the data.

Here's hoping Bounty will make it to the top 10 like GOH...

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