Thursday, September 1, 2016

Kinonation Update Plus Why Amazon Prime Makes Me Happy

So I think I'm about to let the whole kinonation thing go away.

See, now that's it's on Amazon Prime, what do I care? If they could get us on Hulu or Netflix then okay, it would be good. But so far, after nearly 9 months they've gotten us here:

Vimeo On Demand. Could have gotten us there myself, so no big deal.
M-GO. Not even sure what this is. So I looked it up. It's Fandango Now, some sort of streaming thing from them. Only problem is, I search for Bounty and there are no results for my flick. Here, see for yourself.
MagicInternet2. Ditto. No idea. It's not in the list of outlets I checked, and I can't find anything via a search engine.

And for me the bigger problem is this: There doesn't seem to be any accounting or stats page to show me if I'm getting any sales. I guess--since I haven't heard--that we haven't had any.

Leads me to just think I should pull the plug on the whole thing. I've sent them an inquiry about stats, so we'll see what they say.


I'll tell you why Amazon Prime makes me happy.

I see these other filmmakers, and you know what they're doing when their movie is done? They're making press kits. They're sending out screeners(plus checks for submission fees) to film festivals, and maybe sending out screeners(more cost!) to distributors in the hope that a distributor will say, "Sure, we'll distribute you."

And it's SO MUCH work and SO MUCH money to do all that shit. I know, I did it for my first two films.

But I can get my film out to hundreds of thousands of people right away AND get paid for it...within 3 months of them first airing...

It's almost too good to be true.

Anyway, THIS is why I'm premiering Terrortory on Amazon. Hell, the movie's not even completely done yet, and we're 31 days away from premiering it to the world. (well, 29 days if you count the actual local premiere)



  1. Please make a huge amount of money. Please.

  2. In terms of stats, etc, you should get a quarterly report from Kinonation, but it's been my experience that you have to make sure they know to give you it at least the first time, and then you should get it every 3-4 months without prompting. That'll show you a good breakdown of all the sites! Hope that helps!

  3. Thanks--but I got a response from the customer service that says, yes, you get a quarterly report...but my flick has been live on at least one of their outlets since March...and I have nothing. I'm getting a pretty bad feeling about kinonation on the whole...