Monday, July 11, 2016

The Amazon Prime Experiment Continues


4100 minutes

So here's the first couple of days after the movie went up. It's been interesting to watch its movement on the Amazon list, because it's pretty clear that if you can get your movie into the top 30 or so that you will be doing okay.

The highest we've gotten so far is 309. Granted, it jumped from 860 to that, so it's a nice jump but still nowhere near high enough.

As you can see you're allowed to do UK, Japan and Germany also.

They run a pretty good analytics, just don't count the number as rock solid until a few days have passed. For some reason I've seen the number go slightly down a couple of times, so maybe there are adjustments I'm not aware of.

The neat thing for me is this--I actually had another of my movies go live on Amazon Prime but I told nobody about it yet. I wanted to see the difference between a movie I pimped versus one I didn't.

Interesting enough, the movie nobody knows about still was viewed about 10 times. Not sure how they found it, but's data to be considered.

More updates soon.

My internet friend, btw--his movie is now over a MILLION minutes watched. He's been in the top 20 movies for a week now, so it's clear that THAT'S where you wanna be.

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