Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Stuck at #21--there are worse problems to have...

Still at #21 on the Horror list, so I checked the mystery list which is actually even bigger than horror. Didn't expect much, but look at that! We're #86 out of over 1300 movies.

But, uh, look at the numbers today.

Almost 450,000. And what I thought DOES appear to be true; the more popular your movie, the more popular your movie gets. How long that stays, who knows? Enjoying it for now.


Big surprise here for you. I actually put ANOTHER of my movies on Amazon Prime at the same time as GOH and ran a sort of blind test to see the difference between a movie I pushed versus one I didn't.

So feel free to click here and add "Bounty" to your watch list.

Surprisingly Bounty hasn't gotten zero views. I'm not sure how people have found it, but it's at nearly 20,000 minutes viewed. Far off from GOH, but still not as low as I would have expected.

Now, it doesn't have the boobs on the poster like GOH, so I don't expect those numbers. But I think it's a pretty entertaining movie(he said humbly) and seems to be a favorite among a lot of my younger "fans". Younger being under 30. 

Man I'm old.

Anyway, more later!

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