Monday, October 10, 2016

Terrortory Makes An Impact

First off, check that out. Today Terrortory showed up on IMDB's movie meter at 4,705. That's insanely high for an indie film. Hell, I think that's higher than any other of my movies have gone other than Fear of Clowns(which peaked at 192 back when it was released).

So that's cool. People are watching the flick, or hearing about it, and heading to imdb. A good sign.

As for Amazon, the first time it showed up on the list it was 115. It moved up quickly from there, and as of Sunday was at #31 out of almost 1100.
That's a pretty fast move. Much faster than any other film I've put on Amazon.

The big question is going to be can it go higher than Garden of Hedon went(#8) and stay there for a while? The competition is fiercer than it was when GOH debuted, for starters, and we need some real staying power to have a shot at 2 million minutes in one month.

That's sort of the arbitrary number I think we need to hit to have a shot at the Amazon bonus. I could be wrong. Could be 3 million. I just don't know, and Amazon doesn't give you any hint.

They did release this notice about August's stars, which released 50 of the 100 movies that got the bonus.

Honestly, as tired as I am of the whole grind of making no-budget movies, I'd be lying if I didn't say that now that the weather's turning cool I'm feeling the pull to shoot something.

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