Thursday, October 13, 2016

Terrortory #19 on the Chart...

We're climbing the chart. Broken the top 20 in 12 days. That's pretty exciting, but we still need bigger numbers. We're #67 in the Mystery section and #292 in Popular movies(out of over 9,000 movies).

This past weekend was our biggest numbers yet--we did over 100,000 minutes each day. In money terms that's like $250.00 a day. In people terms that's over 1100 people per day watching the movie. Kinda crazy to think about it that way.

Sundays are, overall, the biggest day for online viewing period--all my movies show that.

The big problem now is that we've got super-stiff competition now on Amazon. I mean, look at those titles we're competing with. The Others? The Woman In Black? The Mist?

And Terrortory cost less than one day of craft service on any of those movies...

So if you're thinking about putting your movie on Amazon, think about how to distinguish your flick from all of these bigger budget movies standing in the way of your flick and a viewer.

I'll tell you--way #1 is your poster. Make sure your title is big and readable, and your picture eye-catching. I've seen some super shitty posters that look like they were made by a photoshop beginner, and I know it's tempting to try to do it yourself.

But don't. If you're not a graphic designer then find one who will do it for you. In case you never saw my little article I did about one-sheets, check here:

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