Friday, October 7, 2016

Rough Couple Weeks Part 2

It's the epic conclusion to the two-part series!

Minus the epic part of it. But first--pictures!

 The rare-to-see Australian Brett. This animal is rarely sighted during the day, and for good reasons--it's very tempermental.
 My buddy Dom, who I've known for years and years.
 Fellow filmmakers Jason Delgado and Jeremy Todd Morehead, whose Easter Sunday comes out soon! Check it out when it does--I'm looking forward to it.
 It's Fredpool. Get it? Freddy Krueger and Deadpool? I thought it was kind of clever, but what do I know?
My brother from another mother. No, seriously, we both came out of different vaginas on literally the same day, same year. (Well, the different vaginas is still hearsay, for all I know)


I headed up to the convention after noon. Wasn't taking that much stuff, so didn't have to get there too early. The load in, as always, was a pain in the ass. The loading ramp is this 45 degree down ramp, and in this case it was still wet from the rain...

I won't bore you the way the attendance bored me on Friday night. It was slow. Handed out flyers and talked to people, but not that many to talk to.

And we(the dealers and whatnot), as always, were confused by why they close off the room between the celebrities and dealers. The room looks so big and spacious without the wall, but once they close that wall you have two very small rooms that aren't particularly inviting.

Couple dealers I know went to complain, but to be honest the convention runner isn't too interested in hearing from us. Don't get me wrong--he's a fairly nice guy in general who really knows how to run the NJ Monstermania, but he's never really been able to get a grip on the MD one, and doesn't seem interested in figuring out how to fix it.

Whatever. I still go because it's so close and it's a chance to hang out with friends I don't see that often.

Friday night I came home instead of hanging out--had to make sure the Amazon launch worked out, and sure enough at midnight the link suddenly appeared to add to the watchlist. It was on!

That took quite a load off of me. If it didn't show up, I was gonna be in some trouble explaining, you know?

We went up early--me and my buddy Zig--got there around 9am. The place got pretty crowded, we handed out tons of flyers. Met a lot of people, wandered around and saw the sights.

The days really go by fast. Never enough time to talk to everybody.

My lead actor from "Garden of Hedon", Richard Cutting, actually came down from Connecticut and hung out for a while. I showed him his segment from Terrortory, plus a segment he was on set for. Told some stories.

Then we went downstairs to the bar. Vodka drinks in hand. Hung out the rest of the night there, talking to people like filmmaker Brad Twigg and some actor friends of his, as well as actress Judy Furlow from Fear of Clowns and her husband.

I sort of wish I'd gone to a couple of the panels, but when the choice is chat & drink or sit and listen to people's easy.

My buddy Dom and Brett--who are usually the last guys standing with me at 3am when all the wussies have gone to sleep--went to bed EARLY. Couldn't believe it! Now I know we're all getting old...

It was back to dead again on Sunday. Gave away fewer fliers, but took actual pictures of people, which I always forget to do. And Dom introduced me to the Greatest American Hero, so all is forgiven.

We packed up early and got out of there. Ate a 5 Guys dinner, and that was it.

I was honestly too tired to celebrate the relief of having it all over. The news of the premiere was spreading to a lot of web sites, and I wanted to start taking a look at the numbers...

But Amazon's metrics were collapsing--frozen--so I didn't get to see much at first. When Terrortory debuted on the chart it was 113. The next day it's here--we broke into the top 100 much faster than any other movie I've put up.

Fingers crossed we can break into the top 50, then the top 20, and even--dare I hope? The top 10...

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