Thursday, February 19, 2015

Kinonation Update #1

So as I'm filling out the extensive information to submit our film "Bounty" to Kinonation I had a talk with our graphic designer, the incredibly talented Erik Ashley(, who decided to redo our poster.

And man is it cool. I love it. He gave us a version without his credit information for the actual submission, but I put up the other version here 'cuz man that guy should get some credit!

If you want to see the difference, here you go:

Hit him up at his web site above if you need a poster done.

Anyway, there are a lot of things to fill out on kinonation, and I'm not complaining. It's just a lot of work. I've also had to go back to the original Bounty file and pull out the burned-in subtitles(since it's found footage there are some scenes with low audio that we didn't ADR--because that would be "fake" in this real movie, so we just put up subtitles like you'd see on Cops or Dog).

Then I pulled the URL's out of the credits. Mind you, I had to find the credits among my 30 hard drives, load it up--turns out I'm missing fonts and filters since I used CS3 to create them and I'm now on the CC suite.

But I got it all done. Exported a high quality .mp4

Now, their web site wants ProRes which is an Apple-only codec. I don't use Mac. So I emailed them and they said they could probably use something with the h264 codec, which is a very high quality codec. I mean, I could export it uncompressed but it would be gigantic.

I've been trying to find more information--anybody who has had experience using kinonation and the weird thing seems to be this: I've found a couple of filmmakers who claim they've submitted or partnered with kinonation back in 2012.

Then there's no other posts in the blog about it. There are more posts, so it's not like the blog is abandoned. Just no mention of kinonation again. So I don't know what to make of that, but it makes me suspicious. I mean, if those guys made money wouldn't they have blogged about it?

(Full disclosure--one of the filmmakers says he submitted to kinonation, but from his trailer I'm guessing he either got rejected, or they just couldn't sell his film because it looked pretty amateurish)

Anyway, found this interesting blog post by one of the creator's of kinonation regarding Youtube money:

which led me to this guy who is the actual filmmaker that released his film on Youtube. He has tips and stats on how much he's making:

Will update more when I have it.


  1. Thanks! Will keep it updated when I have more...

  2. It's been awhile, any new updates? I'm debating on using their site.

  3. Sorry, I've been in the midst of a million things(shooting a new feature, color correcting my first feature that I just got the rights back to), and have been slogging my way through creating an SRT file(subtitles) which is the WORST, MOST TEDIOUS thing I've ever done...

    So no, no news yet. I'm going to try to finish it by the end of the year but it is slow going because it needs to be exact, and not just roughly timed...