Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Panasonic GH-4 Accessories

So it appears I may be shooting another segment for our anthology horror feature "Terrortory". I figure, this will be a good time to use the GH4, really find out what it's capable of.

Only problem is that I just have the barest kit for it. I have my other lenses plus one MFT lens, and that's it.

That means I have to pick up some more stuff.

First off I need some more batteries. This looks like a good start, and is significantly cheaper than the brand batteries:

Then I need another card:

You may wonder why I'm only getting 64gb cards instead of the 128. I read a lot of information that said you might get drop-out and errors on the 128s, so I think it's safer to stay with the 64gb.

I could use a cheap stabilizer. Don't think I want to lug the dolly/tracks into the woods again. That shit is for the birds. So there's this:

Now it says it's only good for up to 2.5 pounds. The GH4 plus the MFT lens is way under that. It's pretty crazy how light it is.

However when I put the Rokinon on it it gets to about 3 pounds. I can probably make it work either way.

I want to get another lens in the 35mm range. A prime would be nice. But everybody says if you're going to get just one mid-priced lens for the GH4, it's this one:

I think if I get all of these(total cost about $1K) then I'm prepared enough to shoot.


  1. I really like the Panasonic cameras. Yeah, they sink the shadows but I think that makes the picture look pretty.
    That ain't no prime lens -- but it looks like a very sweet zoom. Panasonic's glass is also very nice. ;-)

  2. Yeah, I mis-spoke on it. The prime I was looking at was the one I was going to originally post about(a 35mm). But now I'm thinking about renting a Zeiss. That's the question--will the image quality be that much better that I should spend 60% on a rental of what I could buy the other 35mm for?

  3. I don't think the image quality will be significantly better with a Zeiss. You might find pulling focus to be easier because the focus ring might have a shorter throw. I'd love to see some lens comparisons but I can't imagine they'll be all that different. Oh look, that's interesting.

  4. Yeah, I don't see a ton of difference in these comparisons:

    The comparisons on your link...I'm not even sure how to use it. Are those L glass? Nothing's side by side, so it's hard to figure out what's what.

  5. Your link is better.
    I bet in the olden days there was a lot more difference between lenses. There sure doesn't seem to be that much difference now.