Friday, April 8, 2016

Kinonation Update #4

We just got notice that our flick got accepted to one of the "outlets". That's good news, right?'s okay news. The outlet is Vimeo Plus, and it's an outlet I could technically get the movie on myself. I gave them the rights to, because, why not?

Now I have Bounty ready to release it streaming on Amazon too, but Amazon's crappy way of doing things is that they will only stream SD video from us nobody filmmakers. Why? No reason that I know of.

So I'm debating about whether to give Kinonation the Amazon rights too, since they can get an HD version up there. Then I only have to worry about accurate reporting ,and possibly having to audit them if I think they're being shady.

I don't have any reason to think that, other than pretty much every aggregator and distributor I've ever dealt with has been, to some extent, shady.

See, the problem for me right now is that I--like most filmmakers--have limited resources to get the news out there. And I can't blow them all on telling the world BOUNTY IS AVAILABLE ON VIMEO!

I need the flick to get to as many places as possible, so I can hit up the horror web sites and tell them it's out and you can get it HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE.

Anyway, more news when I get it.


Remember how I said in a previous post that "Terrortory Concludes(For Me)"?

Spoke too soon. Had some filmmakers who couldn't get their stuff ready in time. As I always do, I had a backup in mind. I finished the script, showed it to two people, and everybody wanted to do it.

It will be a return to killer clown territory for me. My brother Mike and I went out to the woods to do some scouting, lighting and camera tests.

Will be shooting in two weeks. Prepping FX and stuff now.

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